Planning for your future?


You made a great decision by choosing the best-performing flooring and furnishings for your budget, but the true test of your return on investment is caring for your flooring and textiles throughout their usable lives.


Turn a great choice into the best choice possible by extending the life of your investments with a customized Care Plan from the floor and textile professionals at milliCare. We know that our clients will celebrate 5, 10, and 20 years from now when their investments still look and perform like new.

If you only clean when your carpet looks dirty, you’re asking for trouble.

Without regular facility maintenance, the appearance of carpet can drop from “new” to “poor” in 1 to 3 years. milliCare’s Care Plan prolongs the lifespan of carpet, securing a “good” appearance rating for 10 years or more. Calculate your long-term ROI when milliCare cares for your carpet. milliCare not only protects your floor covering investment, but also helps to responsibly manage facility utilities.

Thinking green actually saves you green.

Discover how you can use 99.5% less water and 319% less energy simply by switching to milliCare’s dry maintenance system over traditional hot water extraction methods.


Want to see how our talk adds up into dollars and cents? Calculate your water, energy and carbon emission savings with milliCare.

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