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Whether you manage a single space or 5,000 company locations, each requires a custom facility maintenance plan and continual audits to suit environmental factors, scheduling, cleaning frequency, and security needs. We’ll be your eyes, ears, and hands on the ground.

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milliCare’s international network of professional carpet and textile maintenance providers spans four continents and eight time zones. This means care will be consistent across your company’s locations across North America and beyond . If you manage multiple facilities, a single point of contact can serve as your milliCare partner to make maintenance a breeze. Learn about our National programs.

Good for you. Good for business.

Our milliCare Total Care plans provide a host of benefits for your commercial carpet, textile and hard surface cleaning, and for your company as a whole:

  • Highly trained technicians pass extensive background checks and arrive wearing uniforms and badges.
  • milliCare’s proprietary 4-step, low-energy, and low-moisture cleaning process yields dry carpet immediately. This eliminates the risk of resoiling, so your employees and customers carry on with business as usual as soon as vacuuming is finished.
  • Our system helps improve Indoor Air Quality and does not introduce unwanted volatile organic compounds. It provides a pristine environment that appeals to both your employees and your customers.

Small nuances to retail environments can make a big impact. Allow us to demonstrate how you can gain a competitive advantage by creating a clean, healthy, and welcoming place of business.

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