There's no better welcome than a clean space.


Higher occupancy rates mean a higher bottom line. So create a better experience with a milliCare professional facilities maintenance Care Plan. We provide impeccable air quality and a pristine environment, without compromising critical availability.

Shorter Cleaning Time = Higher Revenues

Our professional carpet care teams keep you open. Our dry-anchored system has no downtime, which means your guest rooms and community areas will be ready for afternoon check-in immediately after cleaning, and your ballroom will be prepped for the next event without rescheduling or closing portions of your space.

We’ll also accommodate the best cleaning time for you – days, nights, or weekends. Our cleaning methods are also quiet and won’t disturb guests.

Quick & Effective Stain & Smoke Removal

Hospitality spaces face various types of soiling in common areas, restaurants, and hotel guest rooms. Our host of pre-sprays are engineered to remove various soils and stains, regardless of how they appeared.
milliCare’s Air Care odor neutralizer eliminates cigarette smoke and other unwanted smells from guest rooms, corridors, and lobby areas in just 20 minutes. It’s a permanent solution, too, neutralizing odor on a molecular level for a renewed sense of clean. Rest assured: Our cleaning methods don’t emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are often found in commercial cleaning products. In fact, milliCare’s cleaning methods remove 99% of VOCs when combined with a well-maintained standard HVAC system. Once traces of cigarette smoke have been removed, guests can immediately occupy their rooms, instead of having to wait for hazardous chemicals to dissipate.

Budget Friendly

Every property has different needs and different budgets to meet them. Your local milliCare provider will work with you to create a Care Plan customized for your space to keep flooring and textiles looking and performing like new. We will meet any manufacturer’s recommendations, and we can also collaborate directly with your janitorial provider and housekeeping staff.

International Service Capabilities

Ensure consistent maintenance across your hotel network for a quality guest experience at every location in your company’s portfolio. We’ll continually audit each location to understand service satisfaction, scheduling, cleaning frequency, security, and more.

The milliCare network has experience in just about every industry, including yours. We regularly clean floors and textiles at casinos, condominiums, cruise ships, golf and country clubs, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, senior living, spas, timeshares, and more.

Whether you manage a single boutique hotel or an international network, let milliCare’s unparalleled commercial floor, textile and facility maintenance elevate your locations to the next level. See how milliCare clean can help transform your guest experience.

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