Maintain your healthy space.

Special Services for Healthcare

Mold, bacteria, viruses, slips and falls. These are words no healthcare facility manager wants to hear associated with flooring and soft surfaces. We’ll help you care for a space that promotes patient recovery without sacrificing efficiency or safety.

Non-Slip Solutions

Here’s the good news: mold, bacteria, and viruses hate dry environments. milliCare uses a proprietary dry care process for cleaning carpet, which leaves your carpet dry after vacuuming so it resists dirt, unwanted mold growth, and reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Safe & Effective Green Cleaning

Our host of pre-sprays are designed to remove various types of soiling, neutralize odors, and disinfect surfaces without using harmful chemicals. Eliminating emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is critical in patient recovery. You can rest assured knowing our cleaning methods don’t emit harmful VOCs often found in commercial cleaning products. milliCare’s carpet care system is clear and odorless, and it removes 99% of VOCs when combined with a well-maintained standard HVAC system.

Highly Trained Technicians

Hospitals, urgent care, healthcare, and senior living facilities never experience downtime, so why should you rearrange your schedule or close portions of your space because of wet carpet, noisy distractions, or a vendor’s availability? Highly skilled milliCare technicians:

Preventative Maintenance

Just like with personal health, proactive steps to maintain your facility can prevent costly repairs in the future. Stop 90% of dirt, dust, and moisture from even entering your space with milliCare’s effective entrance matting systems. Regular flooring and soft textile maintenance for chairs and upholstery will help your assets last longer, too. Learn more about our textile care.

We understand our role in creating a healing healthcare environment. Contact us today to see how we can build a comprehensive Care Plan to improve your patient experience.