A clean you can put to the test

Why not? Let us help your space reach its full potential.

milliCare is committed to providing the most innovative floor and textile care for the safest, cleanest learning environment for students, faculty, and visitors. From pre-schools to universities and libraries of all sizes, we can work hand in hand with you, your janitorial provider, and your budget to maintain a space that inspires learning.

Safety Comes First

Safety is critical in learning environments from cleaning processes to the technicians themselves. Our highly trained technicians are vetted through extensive background checks, arrive in uniform, and can be trusted in your facility.

Improved Air Quality = Improved Learning

Asthma, blamed for 14 million missed school days each year, is associated with poor air quality. It’s exacerbated by the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold or bacteria, and high humidity. Students are more present, physically and mentally, in schools with optimal Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), yet Department of Education statistics show that more than 20% of U.S. public schools have unsuitable IAQ. milliCare won’t introduce irritating chemicals that require airing before use and you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve created a healthier environment where students and faculty can fully focus on learning. Our 4-step dry care professional carpet cleaning system is clear and odorless, and requires no drying time. It has zero risk of re-soiling, eliminates mold and mildew growth, and is free of harmful chemicals and aggravating VOCs.

A total clean.

Along with superior hard surface and floor maintenance, milliCare cleans soft surfaces, including upholstered chairs, panels, and window treatments for better air quality. While these textiles might appear clean, their fibers function like giant air filters that trap dirt, allergens, and other organic matter over time. milliCare’s system will not only free your textiles of these potentially harmful particles, but help maintain their original color and texture, protecting your investment.

Preventative Care = A Protected Budget

On average, it costs between $500.00 and $800.00 to remove a pound of dirt from inside a building. We know that budgets are tight so you must get the maximum life out of your flooring and textile investments. Keep your budget in balance with our proactive solutions.

Stop dirt before it starts.

The easiest way to keep your facility clean is to stop unwanted dirt, dust, and moisture at the entrance. milliCare’s commercial entry systems traps up to 90% of particles that come into facilities through the door. They can also contribute to LEED certification.

Learn more about our solution to keep your interior environment clean by keeping dirt outside.