A trusted partner.

milliCare is a trusted name in facility maintenance across various industries and among Fortune 500 companies. We consider caring for your company caring for our own.

Partnering with milliCare to maintain your facilities is a tangible way to show employees that you care about their health, well-being, and overall happiness at work. milliCare flooring and textile care provides a work environment that promotes peace of mind for you and for your associates. Our dry cleaning system eliminates up to 99% of pollutants* and harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for improved indoor air quality (IAQ). No drying time means you won’t need to close or rearrange your facility’s schedules for cleaning, either. The result: more productive work environments.

Thorough clean.

Our cleaning approach is holistic. Starting from the ground up, we manage entryway systems, flooring, and work stations, including fabric panels and chairs, to provide a clean atmosphere and improved indoor air quality.

Serving all businesses.

Whether you manage a tech startup with raised access flooring, a call center with rows upon rows of paneled cubicles, or a financial institution with highly sensitive information, our custom Total Care plans will ensure cleaning is never compromised.

  • Customized Care Plans will extend the life of your textile and flooring investments across your portfolio. Learn more about our National Account program.
  • Specialized spot cleaning, which removes almost all spills, high-powered vacuuming, and fabric panel and chair cleanings can restore appearance and protect your ROI against costly replacements. See some of our before and after results.
  • High-performance entryway systems will trap up to 90% of dust and dirt at the door, decreasing your maintenance costs over time.
  • Highly trained milliCare technicians are vetted through extensive background checks, a vital aspect of our commitment to our customers’ businesses, particularly in the financial industry. Technicians arrive uniformed and badged, ensuring that your facility maintains both its security and its professional appearance during cleaning.
  • Our full-time team with minimal turnover rates ensures that you’ll know the technicians who care for your space on a daily or weekly basis and that quality will never be a question.

We know you wear many hats as a facility manager.

While you oversee everything from HVAC to furniture and lighting, let milliCare take flooring and textile care off of your to-do list. Your associates – and your budget – will thank you.