With locations across four continents and eight time zones, milliCare is available whenever and wherever we are needed. When you work with your local milliCare provider, you receive the benefit of international research and development in addition to a local understanding of your market and business. Whether your company has one location or multiple locations, the milliCare network can meet your needs.

milliCare providers are currently maintaining facilities in the United States, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, and South Africa.


milliCare Australia


milliCare by Infra-Labor Services LTDA


milliCare by Advanced Facility Maintenance Systems, Inc.
milliCare by Xebec Marketing Group, Edmonton
milliCare by EnviroNet, Montreal 
milliCare by EnviroNet, Ottawa


milliCare by Fine Textures


milliCare y Proyecto y Diseño Arquitectónico
milliCare y Mantenimiento Professional Interiores 

South Africa

milliCare by Carpet Health Services, South Africa