Protective Care Services

Like life, things happen.

Protective Care Services

Like life, things happen.

Clean, right from the start.

The most effective way to care for a facility and the impression it has on your employees, visitors, and guests is to include milliCare Protective Care Services as part of your customized care plan.

Air Care

Old food and garbage. Dampness. A sweaty locker room. Stale cigarette smoke. Spilled perfume. There are hundreds of odors that can literally stop the workflow and make your facility smell anything but clean.

milliCare’s Air Care solution is an odor neutralizer—not just a typical odor mask. It seeks out odors, wherever they are hiding, and destroys them on a molecular level without any offensive chemical residue or smell. Our technology is biodegradable and environmentally safe.
Air Care Odor Neutralizer Services

Spot Care

Nothing stands out like a spot. Our network of skilled technicians are experts at spot removal with a range of products specially formulated for different conditions. milliCare’s Spot Care process thoroughly removes almost any trouble spot in your carpet or textiles, and makes sure that it doesn’t reappear.

Protected carpet and textiles are easier to clean and harder to stain


Our anti-soiling agent repels dirt. Vacuuming is easier, reducing cleaning times.


Then there’s our anti-staining compound. milliCare’s proprietary anti-staining compound helps prevent discoloration on a microscopic level. Dye sites are built into carpet fibers to hold dye, and without a stain preventative, your next spill could add a permanent accent to your carpet. Our technology prevents stains from binding to the dye sites.

Fiber Care Protection

The best time to safeguard your these fibers is the day they’re installed, but it’s never too late. A restorative clean and fiber protection from MilliCare can still preserve your carpet for years to come.

With milliCare’s Fiber Protector stains and dirt don’t stick. Our system combines two advanced surface guards to protect against soil- and water-based spots while keeping stains from bonding to your carpet and textile fibers.

  • Extends the life and performance of your carpet and textiles.
  • Stays cleaner longer.
  • Harder to stain.
  • Reduces general maintenance costs.
  • Protects even years after installation.

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