I have facilities in multiple locations and regions. Can milliCare service my facilities?

Can milliCare service my facilities? With locations across 4 continents and 8 time zones, milliCare has professional carpet cleaners whenever and wherever we’re needed. When you work with your local milliCare provider, you receive the benefit of international research and development in addition to a local understanding of your market and business. Whether you need hospital carpet cleaning, retail carpet cleaning, hospitality carpet cleaning or commercial entrance matting, the milliCare network can meet your needs. Find out more about our National Account services  and contact us  to get started.

Why is dry better?

Why is dry better? Dry carpet care means little to no water. It saves time, doesn’t leave residue, and is gentler on your carpet. But make no mistake, not all dry systems are created equal. milliCare’s Dry Care polymer system leaves your fibers smooth and clean. Other systems leave water and soap residue behind that can cover up the fibers, cause rapid re-soiling, and leave your carpet susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. Schedule a demo to experience the milliCare difference.

My carpet is new. Why do I need to maintain now?

My carpet is new. Why do I need to maintain now? The best time to begin a maintenance regimen is when the carpet is new. Over time, dirt and soil will break down carpet fiber and cause long term damage. By the time you can see the carpet is dirty, the damage to your investment has already begun. Once per year, a restorative cleaning may bring the appearance back to your carpet, but a consistent, proactive maintenance plan with a safe and proven product will keep your investment in good condition for a longer life. Learn more about our consultative process and schedule a demo to experience the milliCare difference.

How does the cost of milliCare compare to hot water extraction?

How does the cost of milliCare compare to hot water extraction? milliCare works with you to develop a complete carpet and textile care plan that gives you the best results available for your budget, while keeping your workplace truly clean. Our Dry Care cleaning process is also gentler on your carpet and will extend its overall life on your floor. Calculate your water savings on our Environmental Impact Calculator. To learn more, please contact your local milliCare provider.

Can I buy the milliCare products and have my people do it?

Can I buy the milliCare products and have my people do it? milliCare is a system, not a product. To effectively maintain carpet over its lifetime, training is required to understand the type of carpet you have, the condition of your work space, and the type of soiling in your situation. milliCare’s certified and trained technicians are uniquely qualified to assess your space, suggest a program to fit your needs and your budget, and to take that worry out of your work day. Locate your milliCare provider here. If your location happens to be in an area that does not have an immediately accessible milliCare provider, please contact us or call 1-888-886-2273 (1-888-88-MCARE) and we can help you work out an answer to best serve your location.

How is milliCare’s green story different than other people’s Green?

How is milliCare’s green story different from the rest? Many organizations talk about “Green”, but milliCare lives it. milliCare’s core products are Green Seal Certified, and our Dry Care system uses 99.5% less water and reduces your energy consumption by 85% versus hot water extraction. And it is not only safe for the environment; it is safe for your people. When used in conjunction with an effective HVAC system, milliCare removes up to 99% of pollutants and harmful VOCs. Want to learn more? Please contact us and we will be in touch!

How does using milliCare contribute to LEED-EBOM?

How does using milliCare contribute to LEED-EBOM? LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) is the only certification program with a focus on continuing building operations. The program awards points to structures retrofitted green, with sustainable procedures and maintenance plans in place. milliCare can help contribute on a number of categories: Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality. See our milliCare “Green Paper” for more details–You must have Adobe Acrobat installed to read this.

What is the process to analyze my needs?

What is the process to analyze my needs? To really figure out the best way to approach your facility maintenance, we’ll need to take the time to get to know it. A milliCare representative will visit your location to determine the square footage, examine the layout and traffic flow, consider environmental surroundings, examine your carpet type and analyze your overall needs. After meeting with you to discuss your business and its operations, your consultant will suggest the best combination of services for keeping your space clean, both now and for the long haul. Click here to locate your milliCare provider.

How long does it take to dry? Will my facility need much downtime for a cleaning?

With milliCare, there is no downtime. Traditional hot water extraction systems have to be done at night or on weekends, whenever your facility is not being used. And then you have to wait for the carpet to dry before it’s ready to walk on. milliCare’s dry polymer system means no down time for your facility because your carpet is ready for use as soon as we’re done. With dry care, we work around your schedule. Any schedule. Everything centers around our revolutionary dry polymer. Its unique dry properties allow it to be easily adsorbed to remove dirt from deep inside your carpet as it’s vacuumed away. Schedule a demo today to see the milliCare difference.

How often should we be vacuuming our carpet?

How often should we be vacuuming our carpet? Proper vacuuming is one of the most important parts of a total preventive maintenance program. Ineffective equipment or procedures will accelerate the appearance loss of the carpet by allowing dirt and grit to penetrate the pile surface. Keeping the dirt out of your carpet makes long-term maintenance more effective. Normally, the janitorial/housekeeping staff is assigned the task of scheduled vacuuming. For maximum soil removal you should use vacuum equipment that has a beater brush. How often you vacuum depends on the traffic in your space. A good rule for how often to vacuum your carpet is: High traffic: Every full work day. Medium traffic: Every other work day. Low traffic: Once per week. Need to locate your milliCare provider? Click here to locate your local provider or here to schedule a demo. If you need additional questions answered, please click here to contact us or call 1-888-886-2273 (1-888-88-MCARE) Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST.