Understanding milliCare’s Zone Entry System

No matter how often you maintain your workplace floors, sometimes it can feel like the amount of dirt being tracked in on a regular basis is overwhelming, as if you’ll never out-clean the dirt. Fortunately, milliCare Floor & Textile Care has the solution for keeping dirt out: a zone entry system. The first step to understanding the need for our zone entry system is realizing just how much dirt comes into your building on a regular basis. Research has found that if you have 1,000 people walk into your office over 20 days, they’ll track in 24 pounds of soil.... read more

Why We Invest in Training

In early November, the milliCare Network hosts milliCare University. This is an annual event during which the network gathers for peer sharing, educational seminars and hands-on workshops. This is my first year with the network, so as I have been making preparations for the week, I have been thinking about why we host the event each year. What’s the purpose of having professionals from around the world gather in Spartanburg, South Carolina? It all comes down to how the investment in training drives excellence. While I am certain that the week will offer time for networking, building relationships and having... read more

What Green Cleaning Means to Me

I joined the milliCare Network more than 15 years ago, which means that I’ve seen it grow as new franchisees come aboard, and seen it change as new services are introduced. One constant through the years has been the Network’s focus on green cleaning: this is something that is personally important to me. I value the fact that part of milliCare’s mission is to be environmentally responsible and efficient with resources so that we can all work and live in a healthier world. Moreover, being “green” is important to the people we serve. In today’s world, Facility and Property Managers... read more

The Story of milliCare

Each year, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) hosts World Workplace, the largest networking and learning event which serves the facility management (FM) community. This year, World Workplace is taking place in San Diego, California, from October 5-7 and is celebrating the theme “The FM Story is Ours to Share.” As we make our way out to the show, thinking about this theme causes me to reflect on our own story, as milliCare has been working with Facility Managers for over 30 years. Our story starts with Milliken & Company, an award-winning innovation company that has been in business since... read more

What Is a Floor & Textile Care Plan?


From hospitals and law offices to retail spaces and libraries, each facility is unique. Each blends hard surfaces, carpet and textiles to create a space that inspires the occupants. Of course, the materials and surfaces go beyond creating a pleasing environment; they are also selected to enable the unique range of tasks and services that must be accomplished in the space. Interior design is instrumental in establishing the initial tone of a facility and is an important investment for any property. Proper maintenance is required to protect this investment.  Because each space is unique, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution... read more

How to Choose a Carpet Care Vendor

As a facility manager, your days fly by while you struggle to find balance between budgeting, sustainability objectives and dealing with the latest crisis. The constant demands on your time leave little room for vetting vendors. From floor care to textile care, this means that you must trust your service providers to save you time and money, without sacrificing quality. Service provider best practices can help to build up trust. Certainly, knowing that the people who are coming into your facility after hours are background-checked and in uniform offers reassurance. But, how can you be sure that they are working... read more

milliCare Month of Care | Chairity

What Difference Can One Chair Make? Standing in the doorway and gazing across your conference room, your mind leaps from one aspect of the room to the next. You’re evaluating the space and thinking about areas for improvement. No doubt, at one point, your eyes glance upon the rows and rows of chairs that are waiting to welcome your next group of guests. Do you see one that is a bit spot-covered or dingy? Do you swap it out? As a facility manager, one chair can make a big difference. It impacts the way people perceive your facility. As a... read more

Clean, Color, Coat: Tile and Grout Care the milliCare Way

Facility and property managers are tasked with creating positive experiences for guests and tenants. That’s why, when a survey about restroom uncleanliness suggests that people view dirty restrooms as a sign of poor management and a company that doesn’t care, they are quick to ensure that their facility’s restrooms sparkle. Often, that means evaluating their tile and grout care options. Tile and grout are popular choices for restroom finishes because of their durability. However, even with routine cleaning, over time tile becomes dulled and grout takes on a dingy appearance. Even worse, porous grout absorbs odor, making the restroom appear... read more

Total Care: Introducing milliCare’s New Floor Care Solutions

For over 20 years, milliCare has been a trusted leader in commercial carpet and textile care. Initially, the brand evolved from consumer demand for carpet care solutions that would improve carpet longevity. Through the years, the brand has grown to become a trusted advisor for facility managers with respect to all of their carpet and textile care needs. Yet today’s facility and property management clients have even broader needs. Routinely pressed for time and driven by financial objectives, facility managers are seeking building care solutions that provide total care for their facilities and milliCare has again responded. Backed by a... read more

Does IICRC Certification Matter?

From software programmers to facility managers to nurses, certified industry professionals rise head and shoulders above others in the field because they have put in the effort to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. In the cleaning and restoration industry, certification has its place, too. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has spent 40 years as a standards development organization. The nonprofit organization strives to advance ethics, communication and technical skill throughout the inspection, cleaning and restoration fields. Those who achieve certification through the IICRC have demonstrated: Top-Notch Techniques. On the surface, having certification signifies to the consumer... read more