7 Questions to Ask Your Floor Care Provider

The company responsible for cleaning such a significant portion of your facility as your flooring should be trustworthy and capable. But narrowing down your options to find the best partner for your needs can be frustrating. Here are seven questions to determine the best floor care provider for your facility. 1. What clients do you work with? Every facility is unique and has specific needs, so it’s not essential to find a floor care provider with a résumé matching your exact requirements. Experience does matter, however. Look for a professional floor care company that has a diverse client portfolio, demonstrating... read more

The Biggest Threat to Sustainable Carpet

While installing carpet that’s from a sustainable source is an environmentally responsible decision, it can certainly be costly. Maintaining that investment is a top priority — that’s why it’s important to know that the biggest threat to sustainable carpet is moisture. How moisture damages carpets Sustainable carpets made of natural fibers (from animal or plant sources like wool or bamboo) have a greater risk of water damage than those made of synthetic fibers (from man-made, recycled materials like nylon or polypropylene). The reason they are especially susceptible to moisture is that natural fibers are extremely absorbent, making them more difficult... read more

milliCare’s Dry Approach vs. Encapsulation Cleaning

It’s typical in a commercial setting to find carpet cleaners employing what the industry calls a “very low moisture” method (VLM). VLM is the antithesis of hot water extraction, and in order for a method to qualify as VLM, it must have quick dry times of less than two hours. There are a variety of VLM methods available, but they are not all equally effective. The most popular VLM method, encapsulation cleaning, falls short to the milliCare approach. What is encapsulation cleaning? In the 1990s, new polymer technology began encapsulating soil particles. Polymers attach to the dirt and soil in... read more

Network Spotlight: milliCare by The Floor Care Company

Franchise: milliCare by The Floor Care Company Owner: Rick Gulick Background How long have you been part of the milliCare network? We’ve been part of the network for almost 20 years. What geographic areas do you service? We’re located in Englewood, Colorado. Our offices service the Denver area and other parts of Colorado. Company culture What makes milliCare unique? Our network is what makes milliCare unique. It’s filled with great people, and we trust all of them to take great care of our mutual clients. Has your franchise won any awards you’d like to share? While we are consistently recognized... read more

A Guide to milliCare’s Comprehensive Care Plans

Every facility’s cleaning needs are different, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always apply to cleaning strategies. Each of milliCare’s Care Plans is customized to meet a facility’s unique demands and priorities, starting from the very beginning. Initial Care Determining the needs of each facility starts with a consultation with the facility manager — the person who knows the facility best. A local milliCare representative will ask a series to questions to establish the best recommendations. The questions assess daily wear and tear — how much traffic the facility sees on a regular basis and whether the traffic varies throughout the... read more

4 Considerations for Wool Carpet Maintenance

With recent sustainability trends, wool carpet has made a comeback. That’s no surprise given wool carpet’s luxurious feel, superb insulation and outstanding resilience. Perhaps the reason wool lost some popularity in the first place was the belief that it’s difficult to maintain. While yes, wool carpet requires more maintenance than synthetic carpet, it’s well worth the effort. Here are some wool carpet maintenance tips — some dos and don’ts to keep your wool carpet in top-notch shape. Beware of moisture When maintaining wool carpets, avoiding moisture should be a top priority. In some cases, water can actually damage the fibers.... read more

How to Prevent Bacteria Growth on Cubicle Walls

Workplace cleanliness is a hot topic right now, from maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) to preventing the spread of infection. Many employees can’t afford to miss work due to illness — and employers realize employee sickness affects their bottom line. One often overlooked aspect of workplace environments is cubicle walls, a prime breeding ground for bacteria. Even though your cubicle walls may appear to be clean, dirt, allergens and pollutants hide in the fibers over time. Cubicle walls can present a unique challenge: their fabric can’t be wiped down or laundered. Fortunately, there are things you can do to... read more

What You Need to Know About VOCs and Carpet Care

Due to the amount of time we spend indoors, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a growing concern for any facility manager. In the interest of energy efficiency, buildings are becoming more airtight, so that the air inside any building is re-circulating. When much of that circulating air is chemically infused with synthetic materials and VOCs, IAQ is a real issue. What are VOCs? VOCs are volatile organic compounds. “Volatile” means they are chemicals that evaporate easily at room temperature, and “organic” means they are carbon-based. Some may emit odors, but others are odorless. While some VOCs are harmless, many are... read more

2017 Carpet and Flooring Trends

milliCare is part of Milliken, an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. We recently sat down with Mike Brown, marketing strategist for Milliken Floor Covering, to learn about recent carpet and flooring trends. What are some recent carpet trends you have seen at Milliken Floor Covering? We’ve seen many designers opt for a palette of subtle grays, while still taking full advantage of bold, bright colors to add accents and highlights to a space. Overall, there’s a big increase in the design community’s willingness to use vibrant colors and experiment... read more

milliCare’s Tile & Grout Approach Beats the Competition

We know that cleanliness makes an impression on visitors to your facility, so we take tile and grout care seriously. At milliCare, we provide a unique combination of process and product that you won’t find elsewhere. milliCare signature process Because grout is extremely porous, traditional cleaning methods tend to deposit dirt below the floor line, making it more difficult to keep clean — and keep it looking clean. We go beyond the normal soap-and-water methods to restore your tile and grout back to its original luster using a three-step process. 1. Clean First, we clean and degrease your tile and... read more