How to Prevent Bacteria Growth on Cubicle Walls

Workplace cleanliness is a hot topic right now, from maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) to preventing the spread of infection. Many employees can’t afford to miss work due to illness — and employers realize employee sickness affects their bottom line. One often overlooked aspect of workplace environments is cubicle walls, a prime breeding ground for bacteria. Even though your cubicle walls may appear to be clean, dirt, allergens and pollutants hide in the fibers over time. Cubicle walls can present a unique challenge: their fabric can’t be wiped down or laundered. Fortunately, there are things you can do to... read more

What You Need to Know About VOCs and Carpet Care

Due to the amount of time we spend indoors, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a growing concern for any facility manager. In the interest of energy efficiency, buildings are becoming more airtight, so that the air inside any building is re-circulating. When much of that circulating air is chemically infused with synthetic materials and VOCs, IAQ is a real issue. What are VOCs? VOCs are volatile organic compounds. “Volatile” means they are chemicals that evaporate easily at room temperature, and “organic” means they are carbon-based. Some may emit odors, but others are odorless. While some VOCs are harmless, many are... read more

2017 Carpet and Flooring Trends

milliCare is part of Milliken, an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. We recently sat down with Mike Brown, marketing strategist for Milliken Floor Covering, to learn about recent carpet and flooring trends. What are some recent carpet trends you have seen at Milliken Floor Covering? We’ve seen many designers opt for a palette of subtle grays, while still taking full advantage of bold, bright colors to add accents and highlights to a space. Overall, there’s a big increase in the design community’s willingness to use vibrant colors and experiment... read more

milliCare’s Tile & Grout Approach Beats the Competition

We know that cleanliness makes an impression on visitors to your facility, so we take tile and grout care seriously. At milliCare, we provide a unique combination of process and product that you won’t find elsewhere. milliCare signature process Because grout is extremely porous, traditional cleaning methods tend to deposit dirt below the floor line, making it more difficult to keep clean — and keep it looking clean. We go beyond the normal soap-and-water methods to restore your tile and grout back to its original luster using a three-step process. 1. Clean First, we clean and degrease your tile and... read more

Network Spotlight: milliCare by Advanced Green Solutions

Franchise: milliCare by Advanced Green Solutions Owners: Ryan Afromsky & Michael Gottlieb Background How long have you been part of the milliCare network?  We joined milliCare in 2011. What geographic areas do you service? We cover most of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. How many cleaning technicians do you have on staff?  Six, if you don’t include Ryan and me. We have mostly put our hands-on cleaning days behind us, mostly… Company culture What is your company philosophy? We embrace a comprehensive, consultive service approach throughout our company — from our technicians and... read more

Four Performance Coatings: Which One is Right for Your Facility?

When it comes to hard surfaces, our performance coatings have it all. They’re available in a range of durable and strong wear layers that will enhance the appearance of your floor while adding a sustainable layer of protection. Each of our four performance coatings serves a different purpose; take a look to determine which one is right for your facility. 1. Permanent floor protector The permanent floor protector is one of the most durable coatings you’ll find — and a necessity if your floor sees a lot of abuse. It’s extremely hard wearing, made of a two-part polyurethane-based permanent sealer,... read more

Network Spotlight: milliCare by M.R. Jensen Enterprises

Franchise: milliCare by M.R. Jensen Enterprises Owners: Mitch and Trish Jensen Background How long have you been part of the milliCare network? As one of the first milliCare franchisees, we’ve been part of the network for almost 20 years. What geographic areas do you service? Our offices service St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. Company culture What is your company philosophy? We focus on reliable, worry-free maintenance so our clients can focus on running their own businesses. What is the best thing about being part of the milliCare network? Being part of the milliCare network is like having a... read more

How Facility Managers Benefit from milliCare

This year’s World Facilities Management Day (World FM Day) is May 17. As a company that partners with facility managers every single day, we are looking forward to celebrating the men and women responsible for maintaining the safety, efficiency and usability of workplaces around the globe. milliCare’s facility management services Facility managers have a job that could be described as a balancing act. They continually balance budget needs with maintenance requirements, safety procedures with efficiency and sustainability with profitability. An oft-quoted reason milliCare is the vendor of choice for facility mangers is our ability to help them maintain that balance.... read more

WoolSafe Approved: What It Means and Why It Matters

In 1791, William Sprague started the first woven carpet mill in the United States. His chosen carpet material? Wool. Although synthetic materials replaced wool’s popularity in the 1950s, wool carpet remains on the market, especially for buyers who are shopping for sustainable carpet materials.  Many imported rugs and carpets are woven from wool for durability. Because wool needs to be carefully maintained, the WoolSafe Organisation was born. About the WoolSafe Organisation The WoolSafe Certification has been widely recognized throughout the world as the standard for carpet care for decades. The WoolSafe Organisation promotes best cleaning and maintenance practices for all... read more

Environmental Benefits of the milliCare System

Each Earth Day, events around the globe support environmental protection. This year, the Earth Day focus is on environmental and climate literacy, a topic that aligns well with milliCare’s mission. milliCare’s system of dry-centered carpet care is intentional about preserving valuable resources, resulting in several environmental benefits. Water savings There are several reasons to use milliCare’s dry-centered cleaning method for carpet, including the reduction in harmful residues and moisture left behind, but environmental savings ranks at the top. Our dry care technology uses 99.5 percent less water than competitive systems. On average, that savings equals 50 gallons of water for... read more