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For more than two decades, milliCare has consistently provided innovative, excellent carpet and textile care.

Backed by our national network of professional project-management consultants and expertly trained technicians, milliCare is prepared to deliver high-quality care to local, regional, and national clients in these sectors, and more:

We have moved beyond carpet care to stand as a mark of excellence in total care for facilities and brands around the world—contributing to clean, fresh, health workplaces.

Your business is unique—and your facility reflects that. You’ve built a workplace that showcases your values and goals, inspiring employees and customers alike.

Our global network of project-management consultants will work with you to develop a customized Care Plan for the diverse, unique surfaces in your space. And you can expect the same consistently impeccable quality of service no matter where you are.

What is milliCare Total Care Plan?

Single Source for More Services

Our network of skilled project-management professionals will assess your space to understand your facility’s unique needs, determining which materials and surfaces in your space can be cleaned and protected for maximum performance: carpet, textiles, performance coatings, tile & grout, hard surface floor care, entryway systems, and special protective care services.


Part of a milliCare Care Plan is determining the frequency of regular cleanings to ensure that your facility looks good throughout the year.

A key component of your annual Care Plan is understanding that each surface has unique care needs: each one requires unique products and methods. Some require daily care, while weekly or monthly cleaning is suitable for others. It’s all about finding the right frequency. Once we’ve assessed the surfaces and materials in your space, we’ll recommend a frequency for regularly scheduled care.

Once you’ve signed off on your Care Plan, you won’t need to think about it again.