Taking Clean To New Heights

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Rain or shine, travelers rush from parking lots and shuttle busses into your airport, bringing with them dirt, oil, grease, moisture – even jet fumes. Maintaining your airport’s world-class status relies on both tangible and intangible details like clean floors and fresh air quality. A pristine space can elevate an airport to a world-class destination itself. From regional airports to global aerotropolises, including the world’s busiest in Atlanta, milliCare is a trusted care partner to give airports a noticeable competitive edge.


More Time To Clean

milliCare’s facility maintenance system is incredibly efficient increasing the window of opportunity for cleaning busy airports. Carpet dries immediately with our proprietary 4-step dry process so we can clean until the very moment customers begin to arrive. The value is undeniable: more space cleaned in less time.

Fewer Slip & Fall Risks

Reducing the risk of costly slip-and-fall accidents is critical to keeping insurance claims in check. As soon as our technicians finish cleaning an area, foot traffic and shuttle carts can pass through safely.

A Trusted Partner

milliCare’s floor and textile professionals are trained experts in caring for multiple surfaces: floors, upholstery, and entryway systems, plus our minimal turnover rate ensures consistent quality.

We know that security is a top priority for airports, too. Our technicians are strictly vetted for airside security through comprehensive background checks. They wear uniforms for clear identification, and are able to meet your airport’s specific security standards.

Effective, Branded Entryways

The best way to protect your airport from damaging dust, oil, grease, and moisture is to stop it at the door. milliCare’s entry solutions, available in a range of colors, trap up to 90% of particles brought into your space on the soles of shoes, carts, and roller bags. Your space will be cleaner, and you’ll decrease the risk of slips and falls during inclement weather.

Whatever your airport’s size or specific needs, milliCare has the skills and resources to meet all manufacturer recommendations. We’ll work directly with you or your janitorial provider to help your facility achieve world-class potential.

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