Network Spotlight: milliCare by M.R. Jensen Enterprises

Franchise: milliCare by M.R. Jensen Enterprises

Owners: Mitch and Trish Jensen


How long have you been part of the milliCare network?
As one of the first milliCare franchisees, we’ve been part of the network for almost 20 years.

What geographic areas do you service?
Our offices service St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.

Company culture

What is your company philosophy?
We focus on reliable, worry-free maintenance so our clients can focus on running their own businesses.

What is the best thing about being part of the milliCare network?
Being part of the milliCare network is like having a helpful business partner.


What are some of the accounts your franchise services?
Some of our long-time clients include Club Fitness, St. Patrick Center and Verizon Wireless, with milliCare by FSI. 

What’s one time you went above and beyond for a customer?
In September, one of our clients, O’Toole Design Associates, called us after five gallons of toner spilled onto their carpet. We were able to clean up the spill quickly and with no stain!M.R. Jensen Enterprises cleans toner spill


When you share information about milliCare with potential customers, what is it?
We almost never make any recommendations until we hear their needs because every client is different and deserves a strategic approach.

If you’re looking for a milliCare provider in the St. Louis area, contact milliCare by M.R. Jensen Enterprises via email or visit their website.