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Clean, Color, Coat: Tile and Grout Care the milliCare Way

Facility and property managers are tasked with creating positive experiences for guests and tenants. That’s why, when a survey about restroom uncleanliness suggests that people view dirty restrooms as a sign of poor management and a company that doesn’t care, they are quick to ensure that their facility’s restrooms sparkle. Often, that means evaluating their tile and grout care options. Tile and grout are popular choices for restroom finishes because of their durability. However, even with routine cleaning, over time tile becomes dulled and grout takes on a dingy appearance. Even worse, porous grout absorbs odor, making the restroom appear... read more

Total Care: Introducing milliCare’s New Floor Care Solutions

For over 20 years, milliCare has been a trusted leader in commercial carpet and textile care. Initially, the brand evolved from consumer demand for carpet care solutions that would improve carpet longevity. Through the years, the brand has grown to become a trusted advisor for facility managers with respect to all of their carpet and textile care needs. Yet today’s facility and property management clients have even broader needs. Routinely pressed for time and driven by financial objectives, facility managers are seeking building care solutions that provide total care for their facilities and milliCare has again responded. Backed by a... read more