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Understanding milliCare’s Zone Entry System

No matter how often you maintain your workplace floors, sometimes it can feel like the amount of dirt being tracked in on a regular basis is overwhelming, as if you’ll never out-clean the dirt. Fortunately, milliCare Floor & Textile Care has the solution for keeping dirt out: a zone entry system. The first step to understanding the need for our zone entry system is realizing just how much dirt comes into your building on a regular basis. Research has found that if you have 1,000 people walk into your office over 20 days, they’ll track in 24 pounds of soil.... read more

Why We Invest in Training

In early November, the milliCare Network hosts milliCare University. This is an annual event during which the network gathers for peer sharing, educational seminars and hands-on workshops. This is my first year with the network, so as I have been making preparations for the week, I have been thinking about why we host the event each year. What’s the purpose of having professionals from around the world gather in Spartanburg, South Carolina? It all comes down to how the investment in training drives excellence. While I am certain that the week will offer time for networking, building relationships and having... read more

The Story of milliCare

Each year, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) hosts World Workplace, the largest networking and learning event which serves the facility management (FM) community. This year, World Workplace is taking place in San Diego, California, from October 5-7 and is celebrating the theme “The FM Story is Ours to Share.” As we make our way out to the show, thinking about this theme causes me to reflect on our own story, as milliCare has been working with Facility Managers for over 30 years. Our story starts with Milliken & Company, an award-winning innovation company that has been in business since... read more

milliCare Month of Care | Chairity

What Difference Can One Chair Make? Standing in the doorway and gazing across your conference room, your mind leaps from one aspect of the room to the next. You’re evaluating the space and thinking about areas for improvement. No doubt, at one point, your eyes glance upon the rows and rows of chairs that are waiting to welcome your next group of guests. Do you see one that is a bit spot-covered or dingy? Do you swap it out? As a facility manager, one chair can make a big difference. It impacts the way people perceive your facility. As a... read more