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5 Floor Care Considerations for Airports

2.2 million passengers fly every day out of just over 19,000 U.S. airports, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This extraordinary amount of foot traffic makes airport floors the primary center of impact. Caring for airport floors is no easy job. Here are five considerations to keep in mind when developing a floor care strategy. 1. Cleanliness A pristine space can elevate an airport to a destination itself. Beyond daily essential cleanings, there are two concerns that dictate regular deep cleans: pathogens and spills. Passengers come and go from various places, tracking in any number of pathogens that are... read more

What Is a Floor & Textile Care Plan?


From hospitals and law offices to retail spaces and libraries, each facility is unique. Each blends hard surfaces, carpet and textiles to create a space that inspires the occupants. Of course, the materials and surfaces go beyond creating a pleasing environment; they are also selected to enable the unique range of tasks and services that must be accomplished in the space. Interior design is instrumental in establishing the initial tone of a facility and is an important investment for any property. Proper maintenance is required to protect this investment.  Because each space is unique, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution... read more